Friday, December 23, 2016

Why People Choose Home Town For Their Used Motorcycle Purchase

Buying a used motorcycle in Hickory NC can be a very exciting experience, although it is a process that should not be taken lightly. There are many different ways to purchase a motorcycle, many of which could be considered a gamble. Home Town Auto Center removes that guesswork from the process and here’s why people continually come to us for their motorcycle purchases.

Credit Approval

At Home Town Auto Center in Hickory NC, we do not care how bad your credit history may be. Our staff has the capability of working with a variety of lenders to make sure you are able to purchase the motorcycle you want. An added benefit is the fact that securing a bike loan will actually help your credit. Making your payments on time will improve your credit rating over the course of time. It is our goal to get every customer riding by ensuring easy credit approval for our customers.

A customer recently stopped by and asked if we could help him buy a Harley Davidson, even though he had bad credit.  Our response was “As long as you have not ever had a bike repossessed, we can get you approved.”

It did not take long before that customer left riding his new Harley off into the sunset.

Motorcycle Apparel

When you choose Home Town Auto Center, there is no need to waste time shopping for various motorcycle apparel. We have everything every biker needs to get out on the open road. That includes a vast supply of biker apparel, which includes leather jackets, vests, gloves, helmets and more. Our apparel is also affordably priced so that you can get everything you need in one spot.


Home Town Auto Center does not just put any used motorcycle up for sale. It is our goal to provide quality motorcycles to our customers. That means taking the time to carefully stock our surplus with quality motorcycles that will prove to be reliable. We inspect our motorcycles and make the necessary repairs before advertising them to the public. Our auto service center makes this job easy as we employ trained ASE technicians with a great deal of experience.

Home Town Auto Center can be your first and last stop when it comes to buying used motorcycles in Hickory, NC. Customers will experience a host of benefits as this locally owned business specializes in used motorcycles and used cars for sale in Hickory NC.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home Town Auto Center Gives Back to the Community

There is more to Home Town Auto Center than just a name. Our hometown is important to us, which is why we have made a point to give back to our community. We have embarked upon many charitable efforts that will continue through the remainder of this year.

Home Town Auto Center is a proud supporter of First Baptist Church Hildebran. In support of the church, we donated one $80.00 scholarship per unit of what we sold during the week leading up to April 1st.

That success prompted us to carry out the same efforts through the final week of August to benefit the JDRF, an organization dedicated to fighting type 1 diabetes. The donations were provided to the JDRF for its upcoming walk to benefit juvenile diabetes.

However, our community efforts have extended to other causes.

Through this month of September, we are running a special for all Motorcycle Clubs. When a member of a Motorcycle Club purchases a motorcycle from Home Town Auto Center, we will donate $100 to their respective Motorcycle Club. It is important for local Motorcycle Clubs to know that they have the support of Home Town Auto Center.
Creekside Bike Rally

Thunder in the Smokies

We have also been a continual supporter of the Driven by Grace Biker Ministry. Based out of the Lincolnton Church of God, Home Town Auto Center served as a vendor for the ministry’s annual ‘Blessing of the Bikes.’ Our involvement will continue through the fall as we plan to sponsor the ministry’s upcoming bike show.

Our sponsorship branched out and also became involved with the Creekside Bike Rally in Dallas, NC. The rally took place in April of 2016 and was deemed a great success. The rally was actually featured in Full Throttle Magazine. Pictures and a write-up of the event can be viewed here.

These community efforts are ongoing as Home Town Auto Center is proud to stand for something more than just a place of business. We are happy to give back to the community that has helped us establish a proud local business, built on the pillars of integrity and trust.

Home Town Auto Center specializes in the sale of used cars, trucks and motorcycles. Buying a used car for sale in Hickory NC can now be done with the trust of a business that always puts the customer first. Home Town Auto Center also provides auto repair in Hickory, NC as we are the one-stop shop for all types of automotive and motorcycle service.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Buy Used Cars with High and Low Miles

Most used car for sale in Hickory NC will have a large variation of miles between them, which makes the buying process an investigative one. Prospective buyers have a decision to make and here is a closer look at how to decide on the mileage of your next used car.

Low mileage always seems attractive to buyers looking to buy a used car. However, mileage does not always tell the whole story. More important than the number of miles on a vehicle is the kind of miles that were put on the vehicle. For example, highway miles are not as severe on vehicles. The most significant wear on the engine comes just after starting the vehicle as there is a lot of metal on metal activity. The engine takes a short while to warm up and lubricate the surfaces. So the more starts a car has, the more wear it has sustained.

City driving also puts its share of wear on vehicles with continual stopping and going. A vehicle that is used to travel significant distances at a time puts on more miles, but those travels are without the continually braking to a stop. There is also no need to start the car more than once during those highway trips. So while the odometer may be a bit high on such a vehicle, the wear on the engine is not as significant as it may initially seem.

That is why it is important to know the history of a used car before buying, particularly its service history. It is always helpful to see how often the oil was changed, brakes were serviced, and transmission fluid was flushed. And if it is at all possible, try to learn who the owner was and how the car was driven. If purchasing from a used car dealership, a full diagnostic evaluate and service record should be provided upon request.

It is also important to note that wear extends beyond the engine. Parts of the vehicle that are made of rubber are susceptible to deterioration simply because of age. That could mean a leaky hose or a belt that is on the verge of cracking. This is especially true if the vehicle is reaching a “maintenance milestone” such as 100,000 miles. Many people like the idea of buying a used car with less than that amount. However, if little to no maintenance was performed the first 100,000 miles then the vehicle is sure to need some repairs and replacement parts soon. This is just one more piece of evidence that high mileage is not always a bad thing and that low mileage is not necessarily a good thing. How a vehicle was maintained plays one of the most integral parts into whether or not it is a good buy.

Home Town Auto Center is a one-stop shop for your auto service needs including used cars and motorcycles for sale, auto repair, auto body shop and in-house towing services throughout Hickory. This auto center is staffed with certified technicians who are skilled in all the finer points of auto repair. That means there is no question about quality when shopping their large inventory of used cars in Hickory, NC. When it comes time to purchase your next vehicle, contact the top used car dealer North Carolina has to offer at Home Town Auto Center.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Financing a Used Car Can Repair Your Credit

It is not uncommon for people to see their credit scores dip to a low number. But just because a credit score is low does not mean that it cannot be turned around. One way to start restoring your credit is to finance a used car for sale.

There are countless services that claim to be able to fix bad credit scores. All that is required are monthly payments to these credit repair services and they claim to be able to magically fix your bad credit. This is not always an effective method. It takes time for these services to do much in the way of fixing your credit. One of the reasons is because you are just remaining idle as far as your credit situation. Just paying them money does very little.

The quickest way back to good credit is to make good on payments for an extended period of time. Used car financing is a great way to establish consistent payments you can afford whiling boost your credit score. Chances are, the initial financing for your used car will include a high interest rate. This can be worth one’s while since consistent payments over one year will help raise your credit score. If you live near Hickory, get started today by visiting

Once that year has passed, you can even refinance your car loan at a lower rate. The little bit extra you spent on interest over those 12 months will dim in comparison to what you would pay a credit repair service over the course of a year. And in most cases, making good on your monthly car payments will be more impactful on your credit score than dealing with one of those credit-fixing services.

Many times, poor credit will also prevent you from being able to purchase a new car. However, there is a wealth of great deals on used vehicles. Banks and large new car dealerships may not be willing to finance a vehicle for individual with bad credit but there are places that will as long as a vehicle has not been repossessed in the past. Talk to your local repair shop for suggested dealers or search used car dealers to find the right car at the right price, including financing to get your credit back where it needs to be.

While you are paying off your used car month to month, you can also begin to take care of other blemishes on your credit report. Continued car payments can be the kick-start you need to reestablish good credit, which could benefit you in a variety of areas moving forward.

Home Town Auto Center has a large surplus of affordable used cars for sale in Hickory NC. We will also work with you to help repair your credit. When it comes time to start driving something new, look for some the best deals on used cars Hickory, NC offers at Home Town Auto Center.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Most Common Causes for Calling a Towing Service

At one time or another, just about every driver is going to be in need of a towing service. All kinds of different situations demand a tow truck, but there are more common causes for this than most people tend to realize. Here is a look at the most common reasons motorists require towing service in Hickory North Carolina.

Flat Tire(s)

Accident debris, construction debris and other foreign objects, which have ended up on the roadway one way or another, can cause tire blowouts to happen anywhere and without warning. Not every driver is always capable of changing a flat tire. In some cases, multiple tires can even be damaged leaving the driver with few options as most vehicles only carry a single spare tire. Furthermore, it could be very dangerous changing a tire on the side of a busy road. It is always a safer option to call a towing service and let the professionals handle your flat tire.


When a car overheats, it can be a scary moment. Watching smoke stream out from underneath the hood can cause anyone to panic. The engine may just need more coolant, but that smoke could mean something else. Instead of opening up the hood and risking injury, it is better to put that task in the hands of someone who knows how to handle that situation.


There are times when even minor collisions can incapacitate a vehicle. If you find yourself in an accident and are uncertain of how much damage has been sustained to your vehicle, it is better to call a towing service associated with a reputable Hickory NC auto repair shop. The structure of your vehicle could be damaged, putting you in danger if you decide to drive on.

Car Will Not Start

Many times, this is usually because of a dead battery. A towing service can come out and either replace your battery or jump your current one. The reason for a car not turning over could also be due to a bad starter or electrical issue. If that is the case, your vehicle will need professional auto repair and a tow truck to get it to an auto repair shop.

No Gas

It is not that uncommon for motorists to run out of gas. When that happens, a towing service can bring gas straight to you. This service is generally much cheaper in cost than having to get your vehicle towed.

Home Town Auto Center provides towing service in Hickory, NC, which will come straight to you. When your vehicle can’t keep going, turn to Home Town Auto Center in Hickory North Carolina as we are here to help in your time of need. Top-quality Hickory, NC towing is just a phone call away.

Monday, July 18, 2016

How to Stay Clear of Expensive Auto Repair

auto service, auto repair, car repairs, mechanicAt one time or another, cars parts are going to wear down and there will be an eventual need for replacement. However, there are steps that can be taken to avoid paying a fortune in repair costs. Here is a look at some preventative maintenance tips that can keep you from having to pay expensive Hickory auto repair bills.

Change Out Brake Pads

Vehicle use their brakes every day, so it is an unavoidable fact that brake pads will eventually start to deteriorate. It is important to get new brakes at the first signs of deterioration. The warning signs that brakes are beginning to wear out include squealing noises, pulling to either the right or left when braking, and having to push the pedal close to the floor when braking. Waiting too long will cause you to also have to change the rotors, which can be quite costly.

Rotate Tires & Alignment

The tread on tires wear down with the more mileage you put on your car. Applying the brakes will wear down your front tires faster than your back ones. That is why it is a good idea to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. This is a way of ensuring that each tire will wear down in a uniform manner. So when it comes time for replacement, you can purchase all four tires at once, instead of having to buy two new ones more frequently because of a failure to rotate tires.

Fluid Checks

There are various components of a vehicle that contain fluid, such as brakes, power steering, and the transmission. Keeping those fluid levels full will enable your vehicle to operate more efficiently and frequent checks could identify a problem. If any of those levels are unusually low, it could be a sign of a leak according to Hickory Home Town Auto Center. That will allow for minor repair before a major issue occurs.

Oil Changes

It may seem elementary, but changing your oil and filter every 3,000 miles is going to give your car more life. Staying on top of this is essential and can also help get better gas mileage. A new oil filter with each change will keep the fresh oil free from any type of contamination.

All of your auto repair and auto service in Hickory NC can be taken care of at one convenient place, Home Town Auto Center. When you are in need of any kind of repair or maintenance, our team of professional technicians will provide an affordable fix. Home Town Auto Center also features a large selection of affordable used cars in Hickory, NC.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Most Common Causes for Auto Repair

No matter what kind of driver you are, sooner or later you are going to be in need of some kind of auto repair. Knowing what to expect can prepare you for the inevitable. Here is a look at the most common types of auto services you can expect to undergo from year to year.

Electrical Issues

Modern cars utilize a number of electrical systems, so it is common to blow an electrical fuse. Don’t panic when that happens as it could be something very minor. When your check engine light goes on, it could be an indicator that there is an electrical issue.

Tire Replacement

Certain brands of tires are expected to last a certain amount of miles, some of which can increase to as high as 50,000 miles. However, there is wear and tear to consider. Unforgiving potholes could weaken your tires and call for replacement sooner than expected. Tires are so important to a driver’s safety, so it’s not wise to neglect this element of auto repair.

Brake Repair

This is not only affected by how far you drive, but how you drive. Brakes can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles while city driving wears out brakes quicker than highway driving. Your front brake pads will need to be replaced twice as much as our rear brake pads. And letting your brake pads wear down too low will also damage your rotors, leading to a more expensive auto repair bill. At the first sign of your brakes pulling, squealing or grabbing, seek out auto repair service in Hickory.

Safety Accessories

Windshield wipers should be replaced every six months as weather can take its toll on your blades. Headlight and brake light bulbs are expected to last anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 hours. These are minor costs, but very important safety features.

Fuel pumps

Once a car passes the 50,000-mile mark, the fuel pump becomes susceptible to failing. When a car runs on less than a quarter tank of gas, it becomes even more of a risk. A fuel pump is a little more costly kind of repair, but it is eventually needed by all car owners at some point.

Home Town Auto Center provides top-notch auto repair and towing services in Hickory, NC. Staffed with a team of experienced and certified technicians, Home Town Auto Center in Hickory can make sure your car, truck, or motorcycle is running the way it should.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home Town Auto Center Introduces New Website

Home Town Auto Center now brings together all that it offers in one comprehensive website. Car shopping, motorcycle shopping and full-service auto repair can now begin online with a visit to Home Town Auto Center’s new site at

The internet has many options for car buyers to choose from. However, our pricing at Home Town Auto Center is very carefully done as we aim to make every purchase a sound investment for our customers. That is why our online prices reflect the true value of a vehicle. All of our inventory is priced out very competitively. Quality is also important as our online listings are done with extreme care.

The website features a complete listing of our used cars for sale as well as our selection of used motorcycles for sale in Hickory. The website is updated regularly with a selection of used vehicles that are hand-picked.

“We want you to know that we describe our vehicles accurately. We have been where you are now, looking at pictures and hoping that these people are being honest.” said Home Town Auto Center owner/operator Danny Bollinger. “We know what it’s like to drive a couple hundred miles or several states and the vehicle not be as described. Not here.”

Home Town Auto Center’s new website also features a little bit about the company and how it began. Home Town really is more than just a name. When people walk into our showroom, we aim to make them feel like they are at home. The same goes for our website.

Trust is a big part of this business, which is why customers can also count on our Hickory auto sales and auto repair. The ability to fix vehicles on site allows us to make sure every used car for sale is in excellent running condition.

Part of the website also includes a blog, which will feature weekly articles that provide helpful hints about used cars, used motorcycles and auto repair. Professionally written articles will be both informative and entertaining.

The Home Town Auto Center website even offers a glimpse at our auto body repair as this is one more service we bring to vehicle owners in Hickory, NC and the surrounding areas. Plus, we offer Hickory towing services in case your vehicle is not in the best shape to be driven or can’t be. Auto body repair allows us to repair any damage before putting a used car up for sale and back on the road.

The next time you are online, check out the new Home Town Auto Center website and get a true feel for what it means to visit an honest and reliable used car dealer in Hickory, NC.