Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home Town Auto Center Introduces New Website

Home Town Auto Center now brings together all that it offers in one comprehensive website. Car shopping, motorcycle shopping and full-service auto repair can now begin online with a visit to Home Town Auto Center’s new site at

The internet has many options for car buyers to choose from. However, our pricing at Home Town Auto Center is very carefully done as we aim to make every purchase a sound investment for our customers. That is why our online prices reflect the true value of a vehicle. All of our inventory is priced out very competitively. Quality is also important as our online listings are done with extreme care.

The website features a complete listing of our used cars for sale as well as our selection of used motorcycles for sale in Hickory. The website is updated regularly with a selection of used vehicles that are hand-picked.

“We want you to know that we describe our vehicles accurately. We have been where you are now, looking at pictures and hoping that these people are being honest.” said Home Town Auto Center owner/operator Danny Bollinger. “We know what it’s like to drive a couple hundred miles or several states and the vehicle not be as described. Not here.”

Home Town Auto Center’s new website also features a little bit about the company and how it began. Home Town really is more than just a name. When people walk into our showroom, we aim to make them feel like they are at home. The same goes for our website.

Trust is a big part of this business, which is why customers can also count on our Hickory auto sales and auto repair. The ability to fix vehicles on site allows us to make sure every used car for sale is in excellent running condition.

Part of the website also includes a blog, which will feature weekly articles that provide helpful hints about used cars, used motorcycles and auto repair. Professionally written articles will be both informative and entertaining.

The Home Town Auto Center website even offers a glimpse at our auto body repair as this is one more service we bring to vehicle owners in Hickory, NC and the surrounding areas. Plus, we offer Hickory towing services in case your vehicle is not in the best shape to be driven or can’t be. Auto body repair allows us to repair any damage before putting a used car up for sale and back on the road.

The next time you are online, check out the new Home Town Auto Center website and get a true feel for what it means to visit an honest and reliable used car dealer in Hickory, NC.