Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Financing a Used Car Can Repair Your Credit

It is not uncommon for people to see their credit scores dip to a low number. But just because a credit score is low does not mean that it cannot be turned around. One way to start restoring your credit is to finance a used car for sale.

There are countless services that claim to be able to fix bad credit scores. All that is required are monthly payments to these credit repair services and they claim to be able to magically fix your bad credit. This is not always an effective method. It takes time for these services to do much in the way of fixing your credit. One of the reasons is because you are just remaining idle as far as your credit situation. Just paying them money does very little.

The quickest way back to good credit is to make good on payments for an extended period of time. Used car financing is a great way to establish consistent payments you can afford whiling boost your credit score. Chances are, the initial financing for your used car will include a high interest rate. This can be worth one’s while since consistent payments over one year will help raise your credit score. If you live near Hickory, get started today by visiting

Once that year has passed, you can even refinance your car loan at a lower rate. The little bit extra you spent on interest over those 12 months will dim in comparison to what you would pay a credit repair service over the course of a year. And in most cases, making good on your monthly car payments will be more impactful on your credit score than dealing with one of those credit-fixing services.

Many times, poor credit will also prevent you from being able to purchase a new car. However, there is a wealth of great deals on used vehicles. Banks and large new car dealerships may not be willing to finance a vehicle for individual with bad credit but there are places that will as long as a vehicle has not been repossessed in the past. Talk to your local repair shop for suggested dealers or search used car dealers to find the right car at the right price, including financing to get your credit back where it needs to be.

While you are paying off your used car month to month, you can also begin to take care of other blemishes on your credit report. Continued car payments can be the kick-start you need to reestablish good credit, which could benefit you in a variety of areas moving forward.

Home Town Auto Center has a large surplus of affordable used cars for sale in Hickory NC. We will also work with you to help repair your credit. When it comes time to start driving something new, look for some the best deals on used cars Hickory, NC offers at Home Town Auto Center.