Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Buy Used Cars with High and Low Miles

Most used car for sale in Hickory NC will have a large variation of miles between them, which makes the buying process an investigative one. Prospective buyers have a decision to make and here is a closer look at how to decide on the mileage of your next used car.

Low mileage always seems attractive to buyers looking to buy a used car. However, mileage does not always tell the whole story. More important than the number of miles on a vehicle is the kind of miles that were put on the vehicle. For example, highway miles are not as severe on vehicles. The most significant wear on the engine comes just after starting the vehicle as there is a lot of metal on metal activity. The engine takes a short while to warm up and lubricate the surfaces. So the more starts a car has, the more wear it has sustained.

City driving also puts its share of wear on vehicles with continual stopping and going. A vehicle that is used to travel significant distances at a time puts on more miles, but those travels are without the continually braking to a stop. There is also no need to start the car more than once during those highway trips. So while the odometer may be a bit high on such a vehicle, the wear on the engine is not as significant as it may initially seem.

That is why it is important to know the history of a used car before buying, particularly its service history. It is always helpful to see how often the oil was changed, brakes were serviced, and transmission fluid was flushed. And if it is at all possible, try to learn who the owner was and how the car was driven. If purchasing from a used car dealership, a full diagnostic evaluate and service record should be provided upon request.

It is also important to note that wear extends beyond the engine. Parts of the vehicle that are made of rubber are susceptible to deterioration simply because of age. That could mean a leaky hose or a belt that is on the verge of cracking. This is especially true if the vehicle is reaching a “maintenance milestone” such as 100,000 miles. Many people like the idea of buying a used car with less than that amount. However, if little to no maintenance was performed the first 100,000 miles then the vehicle is sure to need some repairs and replacement parts soon. This is just one more piece of evidence that high mileage is not always a bad thing and that low mileage is not necessarily a good thing. How a vehicle was maintained plays one of the most integral parts into whether or not it is a good buy.

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