Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Buy a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle can be a very exciting experience, but it’s important to know what to look out for. Here are some tips from Hometown Auto Center of Hickory to help find the used Harley Davidson that is just right for you.


Not all Harleys are created the same. There have been many different models throughout the company’s history. Get familiar with the particular model you are interested in and you will be much better prepared to shop around.


Harleys are renowned for their thunderous sound, but there is more to a good-running exhaust than just noise. Before you even start the bike, feel around the exhaust to make sure it is smooth and free of rust or corrosion. Also, be sure to examine the bike when it has not run for a stint. When a bike has problems turning over, starting it cold will alert you to a variety of issues.

Fuel Tank

It is a good idea to use a flashlight to look inside the fuel tank when perusing your future Hickory used motorcycle purchase. There are a few things to look for, the first of which is any sign of sediment. You can even shake the bike side to side to stir up any sediment that has settled. Seeing any sediment is not a good sign. The gas should also be a light color which enables you to see through to the actual metal part of the tank.


Batteries can be changed, although a close inspection of the battery will give you a good idea of how well the motorcycle for sale has been maintained. Lift the seat and take a close look at the terminals to see if they are tight and clean. And if that battery fails an inspection, it is probably an indicator that there are other issues to worry about with the bike.


It is very important to get down on the ground and take a close look at the undercarriage. Look for any indentations or scrapes to the motor, frame and all other surrounding accessories. Any kind of damage to the undercarriage is usually a sign that the motorcycle was ridden rather rough and hard.

If you are looking for a used motorcycle or used car dealership in Hickory with affordable prices, there is only one choice. Home Town Auto Center has a wide selection of used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale. Customers are invited to come down and inspect these vehicles while also taking a test drive in order to find the right bike for you.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why It Makes Sense to Buy a Used Car

Buying a car can be both an exciting and stressful time. It is obvious that the overall cost will be much less when buying a used car, but there are a host of other benefits that could work in your favor when choosing this option. Here are some benefits you will automatically receive when buying your next vehicle from a used car dealership in Hickory NC.

No Hidden Fees

Buying a new car often dupes customers into believing they will pay the sticker price for a vehicle. That dollar amount increases due to a host of fees associated with the purchase. Reading the fine print will reveal a higher total price for new cars while used cars do not come with those same types of fees.

Cheaper Registration

Each state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) generally adjusts their annual registration fees according to the year of the vehicle. Newer vehicles will demand higher registration fees while older cars usually cost much less to register and that is due to the overall value of the car.

Avoid Depreciation

Your first drive off a new car lot will cost quite a pretty penny as the value of your new car will depreciate instantly. Used cars have already experienced their dramatic depreciation phase and will hold their value much better than new cars.

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More Variety

When you are in the market for a used car, you will have a variety of options. Used cars of the same model are always for sale in every city and region. This will allow you to do a little more shopping in order to find the best car or used motorcycle Hickory has to offer you.

Short-Term Loans

Used cars usually come with shorter loan repayment periods. That means you will not have the long-term payments that are customary with buying a new car. Shorter loans also mean you have a good amount of flexibility when setting your monthly payments.

No Upgrades for Features

Buying a new car means you will usually pay more for things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, which are just a couple of features that are not necessary in a vehicle. Even if those features are part of a used car for sale, there is not going to be an upcharge for them on a pre-owned vehicle.

Home Town Auto Center offers a selection of used cars Hickory, NC residents can counts on. Featuring a vast surplus of all different make and model vehicles, Home Town Auto Center Hickory has something for everyone at prices that can meet all budgets.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Used Car Buying Process Made Easy

Finding the right used car sale sale in Hickory NC can be a stressful time for some people, but the process does not have to be that way. It can actually be a very enjoyable process, just as long you deal with the right kind of used car dealership. Here are some effective ways to make the most out of the used car buying process.

Know The Cost
A lot of people get caught up in the sticker price of a used car. However, there is more to it than that amount. There is always tax added on to the purchase and some dealers will charge additional fees for things like title and documentation. Ask about those fees up front so you do not get caught paying more later on.

Auto Loans
When financing a used car, you are going to pay more than the sticker price because of the interest. Some used car dealers will tell you it is only a little bit extra added onto the payment every month. However, they do not always explain that a good deal of loan repayments goes toward interest at first and not the actual principle. That means after a year, you will owe more than you probably think on your car. Knowing the specifics of your interest rate and monthly payments could better prepare you for what to expect in the future.

Pressure Tactics
Many car salesmen will always mention that someone else is interested in the car you are looking at. The truth is that if someone was that interested, the salesman would not need to apply any additional pressure. This is a common tactic among salesmen, so don’t be pressured into making a quick decision. Remember, there are always more cars out there for sale. You won't feel this type of pressure at Home Town Auto Centers in Hickory NC.

The Test Drive
The test drive should include more than just a quick drive around the block. When driving, turn off the radio and listen for any unusual noises. Ask the salesman about the slightest sound you may have heard. Also, continue your test once you have stopped driving. Activate every switch inside the car to ensure they all work properly. Check all the windows, defroster, lights, heat, AC and everything else you can activate.

For the best used cars Hickory, NC has to offer, check out Home Town Auto Center. We will not use any pressure tactics and will work with our customers so that they can all experience how a top-notch Used Car Dealership in Hickory, NC is supposed to operate. You don’t have to rely on just any Hickory, NC used car lot when Home Town Auto Center can assure you an easy and enjoyable car-buying experience.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Home Town Auto Center’s Body Shop Can Do Any And All Custom Work

Visiting an auto body shop should not come with limitations. If you can envision a certain customized job, you should be able to receive it. That is exactly how we feel at Home Town Auto Body and our body shop is ready to do any and all custom work that our customers request.


There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with putting an older car with some bumps and bruises back out on the road. However, not all of that work can be done in the comfort of your own garage. That is where Home Town Auto Centers can come in and help put the most important touches on your restoration project. Bringing an older car back to life can also include some customized upgrades that could make the car truly stand out.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are no longer limited to slow moving vehicles with a drab appearance. The possibilities nowadays really are limitless when it comes to customizing your golf cart. Our trained technicians can transform your boring old golf cart into a truly remarkable sight that has whatever kind of design you have in mind. Golf carts can be turned into street legal hot rods, camouflaged hunting vehicles and much more.


Not every customized auto body job has to be conventional. Furthermore, how many cars on the road have the kind of unique customizations that catches all passing eyes? The answer could be one more when you choose Home Town Auto Center. Customizing various parts for your car and putting together with unique color schemes are all within reach.

Body Kits

Buying a body kit for your vehicle can really change the overall way it looks. Some body kits are more complex than others and that means a trip to the shop. Some vehicle owners are not entirely happy with those kits. That is where an auto body shop can step in and make the customization process complete. Home Town Auto Center installs body kits and can also make sure it meets every customer’s specific needs.

Home Town Auto Center has a full-service auto body shop that can complete any kind of custom work you have in mind. Custom auto body service in Hickory, NC has never been better as the experts at Home Town Auto Center can turn your ordinary vehicle into a showroom display. Our technicians also provide Hickory auto repair on all vehicle makes and models.